Detox Dieting 101

detox diet 101A feeling of sluggishness accompanied by a feeling of having a permanently full belly and sometimes indigestion may all be signs that it is time to detoxify your system.

You may feel that you are overweight and if you find that your liver is complaining of excessive toxins, it is important  take note as this might be a wake up call for you.

A very common feeling is a slight nauseous feeling when you see very rich food such as fried stuff or very sweet food. This is a sign that your liver may be struggling and that your system needs to be cleansed – and fast. Now is the time to go on a detox diet for a while and give your body time to rejuvenate.

Detoxification is a systematic plan of reducing, if not completely removing, harmful toxins from the system. There are many detox plans that you can resort to if you need to cleanse your system of harmful toxins. The best plans are natural plans and consist of detox diets that last from 5 to 10 days. There are also detox exercise plans along with the diet that assist the body to get back into shape.

You may also have massages, use meditation and yoga but the best option is a detox diet plan.
A detox diet plan is a plan that will teach you how to eat,  what to eat and when to eat. All these parameters are equally important and need to be learned. When you know the right food that can help you lead a healthy life you are more likely to stick to eating healthy.

A detox diet consists of mainly organic food — mostly green leafy vegetables and fruit. Without harmful ingredients such as preservatives and additives this food is more naturally accepted without your body having to go all out to eliminate the harmful chemicals that go into processing meats and processed foods.

Natural food is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are much needed for the development of a healthy mind and body. Then there are the natural fibers these foods provide the body. These fibers are very necessary for the body to repair tissue.

There is some caution that needs to be observed while on a detox diet though. If you are planning on getting pregnant or already are, it is best that you stick to the diet you are used to until after you have recuperated from your delivery. You will need all the energy you can get. A detox diet will be a drastic change that your body may not be able to take.