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DailyTelegraph1The Daily Telegraph – Four of the Best Detox Retreats

If you really want to get away from it all for your detox, the Golden Rock Retreat on the eastern tip of Bali should do the trick. Daily Telegraph Travel 

evening_standard_logoThe London Evening Standard – Retreat yourself with some hardcore detox

Run on principles of Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophy, retreats are built around the belief that ‘you cannot detoxify the body completely without cleansing the mind as well’. The London Evening Standard

og-fn-foxnewsFox News – Top Ten Health Retreats Worldwide

Bali has long been a coveted destination for seekers of rejuvenation. Beyond its tourist enclaves, its landscapes are a balm, and it offers some exceptional healthy-living sanctuaries, among the best of which is Golden Rock. Fox News

bb6b43_frommersFrommers Travel Guides – The Golden Rock Review

Situated on a rocky knoll overlooking the sea in Aas, this lovely place is a specialized detox and cleansing retreat. Frommers Travel Guides

Gayot – Top Ten Health Retreats Worldwide

Set against a backdrop of traditional Balinese life on a beach overlooking a bay, this detox and healing center offers a wealth of programs to help you cleanse your body and reenergize your spirit. Gayot – Guide to the Good Life

Tuja Wellness – Golden Rock Retreat

It would be easy to stay here. The gentle rustle of the breeze in your thatched roof, the crisp white linens set against the rich, dark wood furniture and the bliss-inspiring meditation room all add up to a perfectly relaxing cabin. Tuja Wellness